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good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> in two cities at this hour, two killings. a shooting in oakland claimed one life and in the south bay a teenager was stabbed this afternoon. news chopper 2 was in san jose an hour ago. the stabbing happened at 3:15 p.m. today. ed lease say the victim -- police say the victim died at the scene. a friend said the victim was just 14 years old. it is not clear if he was a student at san jose high school. a reporter said police are canvassing the scene and closed three blocks. >> the killings mark the fifth homicide of the year. to oakland police are
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searching for suspects. they found a man with a gun shot wound. police are looking for two men who fled from the scene. we are monitoring both stories. new jersey governor chris christie is attending a fundraiser hosted by facebook's mark zuckerberg. ktvu's ken pritchett is live where proesters gathered. ken? >> reporter: mark zuckerberg's quiet neighborhood is anything but today. helicopters fly -- helicopters flying over head. there are 50 protesters here to let donors arriving at mark zuckerberg's home know about what they describe as chris christie's record as they see it. we are awaiting the arrival of
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the new jersey governor. he is here for his 2014 reelection campaign for governor. many might be surprised mark zuckerberg would host the fundraiser for chris christie after holding a fundraiser for president obama. they want the guests arriving to know about the governor's record, saying he funded planned parenthood and they are upset with chris christie and mark zuckerberg alive. >> he is the founder of facebook. 58% of facebook users are women. >> reporter: the guest list was kept quiet. we don't know how many people will be here but they can
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donate $3,800. $3,800 based on new jersey law. it is supposed to start at 6:00 p.m. and go till 8:00 p.m. tonight. we are still awaiting the arrival of new jersey governor chris christie. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. s. one person killed in a crop duster crash. it crash was reported this afternoon, south of winters. you can see one of the plane's wings came off in the crash when it went down near interstate 505. it is not known what caused the crash. the man accused of kidnapping, killing and dumping the body of a 13-year-old girl went before a judge. new tonight at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's alex savage was in the courtroom where we learned more about the defendant's past. >> reporter: before his arrest
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the defendant's wife filed for this restraining order against him, calling him abusive. and feared for her life. today anthony jones faced a judge, facing charges of murder, kidnapping and prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty. >> reporter: anthony jones was led into the courtroom this afternoon. he is charged with murder, kidnapping kidnapping and rape but he didn't enter a police. prosecutors say he killed 13- year-old genelle conway-allen and dumped her body in a park. >> reporter: several of joan's family -- jones' family member was that hearing. they said this is stuff for
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them. >> reporter: genelle conway- allen disappeared in january. prosecutors aren't saying how she was killed. he was arrested on friday and investigators took evidence from his house. we are looking at a restraining order request filed by anthony jones' wife. she calls jones abusive and describes a frightening encounter when he said he didn't want to die alone. the wife said i was afraid of him. i was aphrase he would kill me and myself. while he is held without bail, the judge today granted his wife a 30 day restraining order to make sure he doesn't harass her from behind bars. the judge in the case said in court he is working under the assumption prosecutors will
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seek death. while jones did not enter a plea today, his arraignment will be pushed to thursday. live, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. break ins in brentwood are on the rise. what is unusual the thieves are stealing guns. new tonight at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's mike mibach is live where he learned in some cases the homes being hit belong to police officers. mike? >> reporter: that's right. some residents say officers are being targeted. police say that is not the case. what is the case guns are being ripped off and they could be in the hands of criminals. >> reporter: in this small neighborhood we met a woman who told us a story. >> cops everywhere. >> reporter: she did not want to be shown on camera but she said friday the house across the street home to a lutenant was burglarized. things were taken, including
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his fire arms. >> scary to think the weapons are out on the streets. >> reporter: police sergeants said burglaries are booming. 67% increase. 25 burglaries reported in the last month. iteminizeclude jewelry, electronics -- items include jewelries, electronics and fire arms. >> there was a safe that was taken. there were a number of fire arms that were stolen in that incident. we recovered the safe. >> reporter: full or empty? >> it was empty. >> reporter: he said officers are not being targeted. >> i can tell you to date we do not have specific or solid evidence that indicates law enforcement members are
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targeted. >> reporter: the police department is shifting through surveillance video, following up on leads. none of the residents were home at the time of the break ins. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. and new tonight at 6:00 p.m. an effort to lure gun owners to hand over their weapons coming up. jair jurrjens was a no -- barry bonds was a no show today. he wanted to appear but decided it would be a distraction. he is trying trying trying to over turn his conviction of obstruction of justice. today barry bonds' lawyer argued he answered the questions. they said it was part of a pattern of evasion. there is no deadline to make the decision. we are getting a look at the san jose man accused of trying to blow up a bank in
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oakland. this is a photo of him. court documents claim he planned to detonate a car bomb outside of a bank of america branch and flee to afghanistan to train with the taliban. he was arrested on friday. police say an officer shot by a suspect last night is home from the hospital. authorities released a picture of the gunman today. police say he is 30 years old. authorities say he fired at two police officers at 11:30 p.m. last night as they were chasing him. one of the officers was hit. investigators say the officer's body armor kept the injuries from being more serious. he was wounded when the officers returned fire. at this point he is still in the hospital. authorities in southern california identified a deputied killed yesterday near big bear.
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>> our department is grieving from this event. it is just a terrell deal -- terrible deal. >> the say they were ambushed by chris dorner as he tried to allude capture yesterday. the fire was started by the heat of tear gas canisters. >> i can tell you it was not on purpose. we didn't intentionally burn down the cabin. >> authorities say they believe the body found in the cabin is that of former los angeles police department officer chris dorner. he is suspect offend killing four people in revenge for being fired from the department. thousands of law enforcement officers gave an emotional farewell to the riverside police officer, they were ambushed by chris dorner last thursday at random. he leaves behind his wife, and
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son and daughter. the other officer was wounded but is expected to survive. we have new information on a story about firefighter cancer that we told you about 10 months ago. after this meeting last april a dozen gave blood for a first of its kind analysis and ktvu channel 2 news learned the results today. they had extremely high levels of chemicals linked to cancer and burning plastics. female firefighters are 10 times more likely to get breast cancer. and all firefighters are at much higher risk for kidney, nose and mouth and other cancers as well. researchers say they plan to expand the study to learn more. the city of concord is warning residents about pockets
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of darkness. the lights in the area have been off after thieves stole copper wiring there last july. next week they plan to put up solar lights. machine guns, assault weapons and a rocket launcher. these are the weapons deputies face every day. we will tell you about the plan to get them off the streets. >> only on 2, the one thing we found that would get people to support a tax on soda. >> first, bombs in a house depinated. the threat that led police to the suspects and the explosives. sts.
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in santa clara authorities detonated a explosive device at the home of a man accused of
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threatening a public official. he was arrested yesterday. investigators searched his home today. he was arrested on several charges including suspicion of making criminal threats and threatening a public official. new gun buy back program will put $150,000 in to hands of residents giving up weapons. new tonight at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's patty lee with the steps authorities are taking a get guns off the streets. >> the owners of unwanted guns can bring them here on march 2 and turn them in for cash. no questions asked. >> reporter: the evidence locker at the sheriff's department is filled with hand guns, assault weapons and machine guns. >> we get unusual fire arms and antiques. this is a rocket propelled
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grenade. >> reporter: post 1 confuicated by deputies -- most were confiscated by deputies. now they are trying something new, a gun buy back program. >> we will be offering $100 for hand guns, shotguns and rifles and $200 for assault weapons. >> reporter: this will not be the first time residents turn in unwanted guns but in the past they received gift cards. now the money, 150,000 is coming from the general fund. >> we don't know what to expect. we hope $150,000 is plenty. >> reporter: she says the gun buy back is part of the plan. on monday deputies have been tracking down gun owners prohibited from having fire
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arms. >> look what happened in the last week with the two officers shot, two people murdered in southern california. gun violence is a big issue. this is what the community expects from us. >> reporter: similar events in oakland, san francisco, marine netted 2,000 guns in total. they are hoping for a similar response here and booked the largest haul on the fairgrounds -- hall on the fairgrounds, holds 3,000 people. reporting live in san jose, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. deputies are looking for a man and woman who tried to lure a boy into their car. authorities say an 11-year-old boy was taking out the trash when a man and woman pulled up. they motioned for theboy he rufused and they drove away. it happened at 7:30 a.m. this morning. only on 2, our exclusive
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poll looks at the issue of soda and obesity. 75% of voters see a link between regular soda drinking and being over weight. when it comes to taxing soda, it gets interesting. they would oppose a tax on sugary drinks. support for a tax jumps to 68% if voters are told the money goes to school programs. it is not how things turned out in richmond. in november voters defeated the tax. it would have made history as the first soda tax in the united states. they pitched in $2 million to help defeat it. join the conversation on our facebook page, we are asking viewers what you think about a soda tax where the money raised would go to educate children on nutrition. so far most people are against
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that idea. tell us what you think. two cities made the list of california cities with the most solar power contracts. san jose and san francisco. san diego earned top honors, first on the list. the results are based on contracts sold in 2012. it does not feel like february around here, as the sun sets, you see fog hidden in there. the fog will be around tonight and tomorrow morning, it will be cooler as it was today. pacifica foggy all day. 56. santa rosa 67. san jose and morgan hill in the mid-60s. nice day. warmer today. thursday, get ready for a nice day. the winds are going off shore. high pressure is building in. this is -- we see this weather
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this time of year. it has been so dry, nice, sunny that it is getting old. we need rain and it is not happening in the five-day forecast. temperatures outside are mild, warm in some places. 58 antioch, that is warm. 54 mountain view. temperatures chilly. high pressure is settling in. that is why it is not raining. this high pressure presses the air down. the fog squished. and that makes for dense fog. along the great hayway, towards the zoo, poor visibilities. fog along the coast and then it is gone. tomorrow is sunny. all the ocean beaches. over night lows tonight, where they be been every night.
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if you had vast fismorning -- frost this morning, you will have frost tomorrow morning. dense fog along the coast, along the golden gate bridge, golden gate bridge commute, going north, golden gate bridge will be poor visibility as well. high pressure stays. as long as it stays there we stay dry. thursday and friday is when the high intensifies and those will be the warmest days. highs tomorrow, yellows are 70s. look at that. it is february. warm tomorrow. very nice. friday nice. highs tomorrow -- when i say nice, i wish it would rain but since it is not going to, let's get behind this. [ talking at the same time ] >> five-day forecast likes -- >> wow! >> after that, i was mentioning, there is good shot for rain tuesday and maybe thursday, friday. >> let's hope so. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 we will take you back to the high school
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ewhere two unusual weapons seizures have happened. and the new effort that may lead health -- leave health efforts for college students up in the air. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >> reporter: we just finished football and it is time for baseball. coming up the san francisco giants head to spring training. well, well, well.
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valentine's day came early for penguins today. the cards have messages written by visitors. as you can see they took them back to their nests. they will offer them to their mates or use them to line their nests. >> so cute. mark walked in going spring training. you love baseball. >> number one for me and the a's and giants are at it. you know, my team of year. i love it. hopefully you do too. giants taking a the field today. pitchers and catchers reported earlier.
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you see them doing the usual spring training stuff. one of the great memories from this past season. game 7, bases loaded. hunter pence, remember the ball actually goes into the gap in left center but upon review, watch it hit the bat three times. incredible. the giants break the game open and bruce bochy said they might incorporate that into their drills this season. >> he will work on it this spring to see if he could be more consistent with it. instead of one time deals, a few more times, hit the ball three times. quite an art. takes a lot of work. that is why we are in spring training to get that down. you know. >> we will see if he could do it again. will ferrell, this guy shows up anywhere, any place. he said he was preparing for a
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movie review -- role. look at him. at the staples center before lakers game. or phoenix actually. he sees shaquille o'neal and asks if he will please leave the premises. he was there for a lakers- phenic game -- phoenix game. you can assume shaquille o'neal knew it was him. can't wait to see that movie. hopefully it is a step up from anchor man. >> he is funny. >> i love him. >> mark. thank you. protesters gathered outside facebook's founder mark zuckerberg's home as chris christie arrives. he will bring you the latest tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we are always here for you on
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and mobile ktvu. thank you so much for joining us.

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